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Student Loan Repayments

Student loan repayments making your financial life difficult?

When your student loan repayments are making it hard to reach other financial goals, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help. We are a nonprofit organization providing credit counseling, budget counseling, bankruptcy counseling and housing counseling to consumers nationwide, and can direct you to resources to help you manage your student loan repayments more easily.

Student education loans are a financial burden for many people well into their middle years. Large amounts of college debt can make it difficult to realize financial goals and dreams. Owning a home, paying for your child’s education or saving for retirement may not be possible when your student loan repayments are too high.

At ACCC, our highly trained and certified credit counselors will help you understand all the options available to you to lower your student loan repayments and manage your debt more easily.

Get help with student loan repayments at ACCC.

At ACCC, we are dedicated to helping people pay off their debts and stay out of debt for good. From credit counseling and educational materials to a low-cost debt management plan, we provide a range of resources to help individuals and families get control of their finances and learn to live debt-free.

During your counseling session, our certified counselors will discuss your student loan repayments and also work with you to understand your entire financial picture by reviewing your income, expenses, assets and other debts. Then we’ll present you with a personalized list of options to pay down your debt, based on your financial situation and your financial goals.

How to lower or eliminate your student loan repayments.

Depending on your circumstances, our counselors may recommend one of the following ways to manage your student loan repayments:

  • Student loans consolidation. By consolidating multiple student loans with high interest rates into a single loan with low interest rates, you can lower your student loan repayments and/or pay off your debt more quickly.
  • A state or federal student loan forgiveness program. Graduates choosing careers in the military, healthcare, teaching, public service and other fields may qualify to have their student debts and student loan repayments eliminated.
  • A new repayment plan. You may be able to renegotiate your payment plan in order to repay student loan debt over a longer period of time to lower your payments.
  • Deferment or forbearance. If you’re facing economic hardship or entering the military, you may be able to suspend payment on your student loans for a period of time.

Learn more about lowering your student loan repayments, and about how to consolidate student loans or get student loan default help.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization offering free credit counseling and education to help individuals and families get out of debt and manage money more effectively. Our counselors can provide advice on options for consolidating loans, managing debt and choosing a debt consolidation credit card strategy. We also offer information on student debt relief, including options for student loans consolidation, deferment and forbearance, federal student loan forgiveness, and how to repay student loans when monthly payments for student education loans become overwhelming. Our counselors can information on the hidden costs of student loan consolidation companies and options for consolidating private student loans. The education section of our website features many free tools and resources, including a student loan calculator.

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