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Student Loan Solutions

Reduce college debt with student loan solutions.

When your college loan payments are too much to handle, there are a variety of student loan solutions that can help.

Many people are saddled with more student education loans than they can manage. Large amounts of student debt can prevent you from enjoying many of life’s financial milestones like buying a home, paying for college for a child or saving for retirement. Student loan default is not an option — the financial consequences are so difficult that it can take years or decades to recover. That leaves many graduates making student loan payments well into their 30s and 40s — some even into their 50s.

Fortunately, there are a number of student loan solutions that can help to pay college debt off more quickly, or reduce the size of your monthly payments to make college debt more manageable. When you need guidance about the right student loan solutions for you, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help.

Learn about student loan solutions at ACCC.

ACCC is a nonprofit organization that provides credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, housing counseling, budget counseling and financial education to consumers nationwide. We offer free credit counseling and educational materials as well as a low-cost debt management plan.

At your credit counseling session, our certified and highly trained counselors will work with you to understand all the particulars of your financial situation and put together a detailed review of your income, expenses, assets and debts. Then we’ll lay out all of your options – from federal student loan relief to ways to consolidate private student loans. We’ll help you choose the student loan solutions that make the most sense for you. As you put your plan in place to get out of debt, our counselors will support you every step of the way.

Options for student loan solutions.

Our counselors can point you to all the government and private student loan solutions available to you. These may include:

  • Alternative repayment plans that enable you to lower your monthly payment or make payments based on your level of income.
  • Student debt consolidation plans that pay off multiple high-interest student loans with one low-interest loan to help you save money and pay down your debt more quickly.
  • Deferment and forbearance arrangements that enable you to stop making payments on your loans for a period of time until you are more financially secure.
  • Student loan forgiveness plans that are available to borrowers who are entering fields like teaching, public service, healthcare and the military.

Learn more about student loan solutions from ACCC, and about the most effective plans for consolidating student loans.

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