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The Beehive State is one of the fastest growing states in the country, both in population and commerce. Utah’s major industries include coal mining, agriculture, and tourism. Though per capita personal income is fairly high, and the state is ranked high for economic dynamism, its residents often find themselves burdened by debt. The average Utah resident holds $4,559 worth of credit card debt and may be in need of a credit advisor.

Residents of Utah can receive free debt management advice and accredited credit counseling from ACCC. There is also a debt management plan offered to qualified individuals. There is no obligation to the financial counseling offered by ACCC.

Residents of Utah can call our toll free number, or apply online through our online application.

Testimonials from Utah clients

“This program has changed our lives. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have help in taking control of our debt. Excellent customer service, convenient hours, friendly representatives! Fantastic Debt Management Program that has made a huge difference in our financial stability.”
-Marianne F.

"Thank you for what you do. It was fast and I was able to set everything up in one sitting.”
-Ashleigh M.


1) Utah residents have an average of $4,559 in credit card debt
2) Get a free credit counseling session
3) Pay off your debt in most cases within five years

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, financial education, debt relief consolidation and debt reduction services for consumers nationwide. We offer free credit counseling to help individuals and families learn how to pay down credit card debt and how to eliminate debt altogether. As an alternative to expensive unsecured debt consolidation programs for settling credit card debt, our debt management programs help consumers pay off debts and manage credit card debt more quickly by consolidating payments. We also offer debt negotiation services to help reduce finance charges and interest rates. And our financial education services show consumer how to manage money more effectively and how to get rid of credit card debt more quickly – usually in five years or less.

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