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7 Plus-Size Shopping Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Shopping HacksFor most women, shopping can be one of their favorite activities; for some, it’s even an extreme sport (Black Friday, anyone?). But for plus-size women, it can be a huge stress inducer. Finding cute and stylish plus-size clothes is often a challenge, especially when trying to pay off debt. So let’s break it down to find some shopping hacks.

7 Plus-Size Shopping Hacks

According to the CDC, the average American woman’s waist measures an average of 38 inches, a size 16. Yet, there is a lack of plus-size brick and mortar stores, making shopping less than ideal for many women.

As a plus-size style blogger (and possibly a shopping addict), I’ve learned a few shopping hacks that can turn your experience into a fun activity. Try these seven plus-size shopping hacks the next time you’re in the market for new clothes.

Follow These Shopping Hacks

1. Shop for brands that you trust. We’ve all seen those images of women sharing their online shopping expectation vs. reality mishaps. The credibility of online shopping largely reflects through their reviews. No one wants to order a little black dress and receive a baggy sack dress that doesn’t match its description. It’s a waste of time and hard-earned money!

2. Know your measurements. The biggest struggle with shopping online is not being able to try things on and see if they fit. But this tip changed my life! First, buy a measuring tape and ask a friend to help find your measurements. Then compare your measurements to the site’s size chart. Make sure that you always buy the clothes in your size.

3. Check the return policies. Even if something fits you perfectly, you might not like how it looks on you. Or you’ve changed your mind about needing it after all. Making returns can be one of the worst parts of shopping online. For better money management, find and read every store’s return policies before shopping on their site. Make sure you know how long you have to try on and return their clothes.

4. Shop in the sale section to stay on budget. Any online shopping addict will tell you that the first button they hit is the sale section. You can almost always find the same style you were looking for on a discount. Buying items on sale also means you can add more items to your shopping cart without blowing your entire budget.

5. NEVER shop without a discount code. Plus-size clothes can be much more expensive than straight-size clothes, and when you can’t find something in the sale section, you need to shop on the main page. Before you pay full price, do a quick search online and look for a coupon code. Don’t stop on a Google search—most YouTubers and influencers may have discount codes that can save you at least 10 percent off your total.

6. Go thrifting. Plus-size women have very few brick-and-mortar stores to choose from, so we tend to get resourceful. Going to a thrift shop lets you try on clothes in person. Plus, nothing feels better than scoring a huge deal—and having an item in your closet that only you have—and the clothes are often affordable, too. For an even easier shopping experience, try online thrift stores.

7. Organize a clothing swap party. Get a group of your plus-size friends, a bottle of wine and start clothes swapping. Many times, you have something in your closet that is brand new that could be beneficial to other women—or vice versa. The best part about a clothing swap? You’ll add new clothes to your closet for free.

The next time you’re looking to add to your closet, use these tips to score deals and find clothes that fit right and look cute.

Author Bio: As a body-positive writer and video producer, Jessica Torres explores new ways that fashion can empower women of different color and sizes. Jessica writes for her self-named blog and for thredUP, an online thrift store that carries a large selection of plus size clothing. You can check out Jessica on Instagram @thisisjessicatorres.

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