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Extreme Cheapskates: Nose-to-Tail Dining and Cheaper Cuts of Meat

Have you heard of nose-to-tail dining? Though the people on Extreme Cheapskates are often extreme, there are some tactics that they use that are really great at helping you save money and lower your debt. In this particularly case, Jeff likes to go to the butcher and buy unpopular cuts of meat for much cheaper than the more well-known cuts. By doing this, Jeff saves dollars per meal on fresh meat, which ends up being healthier and more budget-friendly. With the money saved, you could be that much closer to eliminating your credit card debt.

American Consumer Credit Counseling has the scoop on nose-to-tail dining.

American Consumer Credit Counseling has the scoop on nose-to-tail dining.


Admittedly, the idea of eating a goat’s head is a bit extreme to most people. However, it’s not unheard of in many parts of the world. Nose-to-tail dining is a hot restaurant trend dedicated to using every part of an animal, including the head.  Headcheese, a European terrine often found on expensive charcuterie plates in high-end restaurants, uses parts of various animal heads to develop flavor and texture. Iron Chef Marc Forgione serves crispy pig’s face in his expensive New York City eatery.

Jeff also mentions livers, kidneys, and hearts. Organ meats, or offal, is the most densely nutritious of any part of the animal, and it’s often just cultural sensibility that scares us from trying something that might be a little different. Chicken hearts are a common food in Brazil, livers are common in Jewish cuisine, and kidneys are found on the menu in England, France, and Spain, among other places. Many people pay top dollar for foie gras, pate, and sweetbreads, all of which are just very expensive organs. If you’re still squirming, just think about hot dogs or sausages. Much of what you’re grimacing at can be found in these American favorites.

Okay, if nose-to-tail dining is still a bit much for you, there are other ways to save yourself money and stay on budget when you go to the butcher. Think about lesser cuts of meats. Instead of getting a New York strip steak, try a London broil. Flank steak, hanger steak, and cube steak are also inexpensive and excellent cuts of beef.

Though these cuts may take a little more time and finesse to cook, they can be transformed into truly gourmet meals at a fraction of the cost of rib eye or filet mignon. Because they are tougher cuts, they will benefit from a flavorful marinade or other tenderizing technique. Admittedly, serving up two goat heads to your loved one may not be their idea of a romantic dinner. But why not try making grilled hanger steak or fried cube steak for your next dinner date?

For meat lovers, there’s a whole new world of eating in the nose to tail movement. Take advantage of it by learning how to cook less expensive cuts of meat. By saving precious dollars-per-pound on meat, you’ll save money that can be put towards debt management, without sacrificing your enjoyment of food.

If you’re struggling to pay off debt, ACCC can help. Schedule a free credit counseling session with us today. 



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