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Tuesday Tip – Celebrating Labor Day on a Budget

Celebrating Labor Day doesn’t have to break the bank. While it can be tempting to go all out and splurge on the holiday, celebrating Labor Day on a budget can be even more festive and fun!

Catching the waves is a great way of celebrating Labor Day on a budget.

Catching the waves is a great way of celebrating Labor Day on a budget.

Tips for Celebrating Labor Day on a Budget

Many people consider Labor Day to be the last weekend of the summer and like to spend the holiday having one last hurrah. It can be pretty easy to get carried away on Labor Day weekend. But as fun as that can be, holidays don’t mean that issues like consumer debt just go away. Luckily, with a little budgeting, there is no reason why you should miss out on all the fun. So, here are a few tips for celebrating Labor Day on a budget.

  • Check out your local listings to see what low cost or cost-free activities are offered near you! There is always a large array of Labor Day celebrations across the country. Parades, for one, are usually free and fun for kids and adults alike.
  • Sit outside & soak up the sun. Labor Day is the last weekend of summer, so enjoy it! Labor Day weather is what people will be daydreaming about come December so get that tan while you still can. You can lay by your local pool or even just relax out in the yard with friends. Showing off your summer glow is always the best sign of a weekend well-spent, and it’s free of cost.
  • Search for deals online. Websites like Groupon are awesome for finding discounted rates on fun activities for you and your family that otherwise may not have been in your budget. Pick a few activities within your budget and decide with your family which outing sounds like the most fun.
  • Take extra care looking at coupons & sales. Debt management can seem more difficult during holiday planning. Just remember to use some saving tricks to keep your spending to a limit. Remember to take an extra look for potential deals while Labor Day sales are booming, so do some research in advance and take full advantage! But, make sure you are not splurging on unnecessary items in the name of a sale.
  • Have ice cream at home rather than going out and buying ice cream for the whole family on Labor Day. Buying a carton of ice cream and some of your favorite toppings is definitely less expensive than going out, and kids will have fun choosing their toppings and creating their own dish. Plus, you can use your coupons for extra savings!
  • Relax. Celebrating Labor Day on a budget gets no better than sitting back and relaxing. As Labor Day is about celebrating American workers, have fun by enjoying a low-key day and keep that extra dollar in your pocket.
  • Barbecue. Having a barbecue is the most classic Labor Day celebration, and for good reason. Barbecue’s can get expensive if you let them, but if you budget in advance, you can definitely host a Labor Day barbecue on the cheap. Try these ideas to cut the cost of your barbecue:
    • Have your barbecue at home or a friend’s house for an easy and cheap party location.
    • Stick to classic, simple dishes. There’s no need to spend tons of time and money preparing food when the typical dishes will do just fine. You can always save a little extra by buying in bulk and plan for leftovers for the coming days.
    • Have everyone bring their favorite dish to cut the cost to the host! After all, the host already provides a venue and potlucks let you sample a variety of delicious food.

Having a fun holiday weekend does not mean you have to throw your budget to the wayside. Think of using a financial planning worksheet as an additional resource, especially during times when your spending tends to increase. Celebrating Labor Day on a budget can be loads of fun, and better yet, you can celebrate the holiday guilt free.

If you’re struggling to pay off debt, ACCC can help. Schedule a free credit counseling session with us today. 


Madison is a Marketing Communications & Programs Associate at ACCC. She is excited to share her tips on saving money and being financially responsible here on the Talking Cents blog!

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