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Debt Consolidation Firm

Six Things to Look for in a Debt Consolidation Firm

Debt consolidation can help you restore order and control when you're feeling overwhelmed by credit card bills. The key is to be very careful in choosing a debt consolidation firm to work with. Putting some time and effort into the selection process will pay off over the long run.

So search online, and when needed, make calls to get clarifications. When you're checking into debt consolidation companies, here are six important things to look for:

  1. For each debt consolidation firm you're considering, review their service descriptions and make sure they're not asking you to borrow money in order to consolidate. More borrowing is not the answer to your debt problems.
  2. Check how long the debt consolidation firm has been in business. A decade or more is preferable.
  3. Check whether the company offering debt relief is for-profit or non-profit. Non-profit debt relief agencies are more likely to provide you an affordable consolidation solution.
  4. Find out exactly what the debt consolidation firm will charge you for its services. If a company is vague about this, look elsewhere.
  5. Check the company's record with the Better Business Bureau. What grade does the Bureau give the company on its A through F scale? Are there unresolved customer complaints on file?
  6. See whether the company is able to provide you with testimonials from past customers. A high quality debt consolidation firm should proudly make these available.

ACCC: The Debt Consolidation Firm That's On Your Side

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides debt advice and debt consolidation services for consumers nationwide. ACCC is the debt consolidation firm that can put you on the path to financial freedom:

  1. With our debt consolidation program you do not borrow more money. We negotiate a plan with your creditors, which often results in lowering your interest rates. Each month you make a single payment to us and we then pay your creditors.
  2. We've been in business since 1991.
  3. We're a non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization, dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities.
  4. The Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ grade.
  5. Under our website's About Us menu we feature reviews from some of the thousands of clients who we've helped over the years.

Choose ACCC to be Your Debt Consolidation Firm

For more than two decades we've provided American individuals and families help with credit challenges, at the times when they most needed help. If you have debt to consolidate [link to "debt consolidate" page], we can help you too. Our certified credit counselors are standing by with the debt consolidation information you need to get started.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit agency providing free credit counseling and credit card debt counseling as well as low-cost financial counseling services for individuals and families carrying too much debt. Consumers can work with a certified and highly trained credit counselor or debt consultant to understand their financial situation, consider ways of consolidating credit card debt and make a plan to get out of debt for good. Our debt management services provide debt consolidation help and consolidated debt relief by consolidating payments rather than loans. We offer lots of information about credit counseling online, as well as information about the pros and cons of a debt settlement agreement. We also provide bankruptcy counseling and information about life after bankruptcy.

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