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First time home buyer guide

Get a first time home buyer guide at ACCC.

If you have never gone through the complicated process of buying a house before, a first time home buyer guide can be invaluable.

Buying a house for the first time can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Buying a house is by far the largest financial decision you will ever make. A first time home buyer guide can help you navigate the process, avoid pitfalls and know who to trust along the way.

First time house buyers are often confused by the prospect because there is so much to learn and understand. From the various types of mortgages; fixed rate, jumbo loan, ARM, a first time home buyer guide will help you prepare to talk to mortgage lenders and to determine which mortgage products are right for your financial situation.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering free credit counseling, low-cost debt management services and homebuyer education that can provide comprehensive and specific help for first time buyers. You can contact the certified counselors at ACCC if you want a first time home buyer guide that provides impartial information and advice.

Enroll in a convenient online first time home buyer guide.

At ACCC, we offer a variety of housing resources in addition to a first time home buyer guide. Our counselors can help you organize and evaluate your finances, address any issues that may affect mortgage financing, and provide advice on how to avoid problems that may impact the homebuying process.

We also offer a first home buyers course available in-person and online. The online version of this first time home buyer guide is optimized for mobile devices and can be completed on a smart phone or tablet. That means you can work on completing the home buyer course over a lunch break, while you're in the car waiting for the school day to end, or anywhere and anytime you have a few free moments.

Advantages of ACCC's first time home buyer guide.

When you come to ACCC for a first time home buyer guide, you will:

  • Get comprehensive education about the homebuying process.
  • Understand the differences between various mortgage products, and get help to determine which type of mortgage makes the most sense for you.
  • Learn how to set a budget to meet your mortgage payments and how to save for a down payment.

Learn more about a first time home buyer guide from ACCC.

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