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Pay off Credit Card

Pay off credit card debt with help from ACCC.

The recent downturn in the economy left many people with too much credit card debt and no way to pay off credit card balances. The result for many individuals and families is constant financial struggle – they can barely afford to cover the minimum monthly payments and don't feel they will ever be able to pay off credit card debt completely.

If you're having a hard time managing credit card debt and are looking for ways to pay off credit card debt for good, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) has some answers. As a non-profit agency, our mission is to help people just like you take control of their finances, manage money more effectively, and payoff credit card debt – usually within five years. We make debt management very affordable – we offer free credit counseling and we work to keep our fees for services as low as possible. If you're ready to learn more about the options available to you to pay off credit card debt, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our credit counselors are standing by six days a week to answer your questions and help you take the first steps to pay off your credit card balances.

How ACCC can help you pay off credit card debt.

When you come to us for strategies to pay off credit card debt, you'll first consult with our professionally trained and independently certified credit counselors for a complete financial evaluation. You'll get a report on your income, assets, and expenses as well as a list of options you may pursue to pay off your credit card debt. They'll also share with you a variety of free educational resources from ACCC you can use to learn more about how to get rid of credit card debt and how to manage debt in general. If it is the best option for you, they may recommend a debt management plan from ACCC – a proven strategy that thousands of individuals and families have used to pay off credit card balances.

Pay off credit card balances with a debt management plan.

A debt management plan is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to pay down debt more quickly – usually in five years or less. Here's how it works:

  • After reviewing your finances, we'll work with you to develop a budget you can live with while you set aside funds each month to pay down your credit card debt.
  • Then we'll consolidate your monthly debt payments. Instead of several payments to creditors and credit card companies, you'll make one payment to ACCC and we'll write checks to your creditors on your behalf. This helps simplify your finances and makes it easier to keep up with your debt payments.
  • Finally, we'll seek reductions in interest rates, finance charges and other fees to help save you money and shorten the time it takes to pay off credit card debt.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit credit counseling agency offering services such as debt advice, debt consolidation programs, and consumer bankruptcy counseling. We have provided thousands of families with financial counseling and helped them with consolidating bills and paying off credit cards. For consumers in need of bankruptcy counseling, ACCC is approved by the Department of Justice to provide both pre bankruptcy credit counseling and post-bankruptcy debtor education.

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