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Bill consolidation loans

Considering bill consolidation loans?

When you're feeling overwhelmed by bills and debts, bill consolidation loans may seem like an attractive option. Bill consolidation loans essentially involve applying for a new loan with an interest rate that's lower than your other debts, helping to reduce your monthly debt payment and enabling you to pay down debt more quickly.

But depending on your financial situation, bill consolidation loans may not be the most effective way to eliminate debt. While they may seem like a good course of action at first, some consolidated loans may actually end up costing you more and making it harder to pay off your debts. And if you're not changing the financial habits and behavior that got you into debt initially, bill consolidation loans won't solve your financial problems.

When you want to choose the best path for paying off bills and becoming debt-free, you can find debt consolidation assistance at American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), a nonprofit organization providing free credit counseling and low-cost alternatives to bill consolidation loans.

Get advice on bill consolidation loans with ACCC.

When you contact ACCC for information on bill consolidation loans and how to pay off credit card debt, our certified credit counselors will help you get a complete picture of your finances, including a detailed review of your income, expenses, assets and debts. With your financial goals in mind, we'll present you with possible options, as well as other kinds of programs that can help you pay off debt most effectively.

Our professionally trained counselors can also help you create a budget, provide you with free educational materials and answer questions like "How much credit card debt is okay?" and "How can I avoid debt in the future?" And we can steer you toward other community and government resources that can help you better manage your money and live a life free of debt.

Debt management: an alternative to bill consolidation loans

ACCC offers a debt management program that can be an effective alternative to bill consolidation loans, depending on your financial situation. Instead of taking on new debt to pay off a variety of bills and loans, a debt management program helps you pay off debts more easily and efficiently by working with your existing creditors. With a debt management plan from ACCC, you'll make one simple payment each month to us. We'll pay each of your creditors on your behalf and work with your creditors for a possible reduction in interest rates and fees that can help to minimize your monthly payments and help pay off debt more quickly.

Learn more about the pros and cons of bill consolidation loans with ACCC, as well as debt consolidation for credit cards and direct loan consolidation.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization that offers free credit counseling as well as financial advice on managing debt, loan consolidation, how to consolidate credit cards and how to consolidate private student loans. Our student loan services include information and educational materials about student debt consolidation, student loan forgiveness and other ways manage student debt and lower a student loan payment. Our highly trained counselors work with our clients to explore all the options for student loan repayment and help select the most effective strategy for student loan relief based on each client’s financial situation and goals.

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