American Consumer Credit Counseling Announces Five Tips For A Budget Friendly Summer Vacation

More than half of the credit or consumer reporting complaints sent to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last year were from errors on credit reports.

Boston, MA – June 26, 2012

Budget Friendly Summer VacationFor consumers who thought a summer vacation was financially out of reach this year, American Consumer Credit Counseling announces five budgeting tips that can ease the financial burden of any vacation.

“In today’s stressful economic climate it’s important for consumers to incorporate fun activities into their summer plans, but doing so does not have to mean breaking the bank and veering off course from a budget,” said Steve Trumble, President of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “By following  these five money saving ideas consumers can enjoy a guilt-free summer vacation.”

Think outside the (Hotel) box

When choosing your vacation lodgings, take into account the variety of options available besides expensive hotels.  Camping is not only affordable, but a clever way to un-plug from your busy routine and get your children away from the television screen and outdoors.  If camping is not for you, consider a quaint bed and breakfast where you can enjoy a sit-down breakfast with your family.  Save on your lodgings by embracing a simpler (much less expensive) lifestyle.

Pack a Picnic

To save big, plan ahead by packing lunches, snacks, and drinks.  Instead of filling your cooler full of ice that will melt, freeze water bottles to cool your food down.  When they melt, hand them to your kids for drinks.  With a picnic lunch, you can avoid inflated amusement park prices and allot more money to other vacation activities.  If you are staying in a hotel, make sure to ask if you can have a room with a kitchen so that you can cook on your own. If you can save on smaller meals, like breakfast and lunch, you may budget enough to eat out a few times, as a treat, while vacationing.

Off-Season, On-Savings

If you can take off weekdays from work, plan to travel Monday through Thursday so that you beat the crowds and weekend prices.  Consider winter destinations, like Aruba or the Bahamas, as you will enjoy their off-season prices during the summer.

Stay on the Ground

Instead of flying (and getting tricked into baggage costs), take advantage of falling gas prices by setting out on a car adventure.  Get your kids involved by using Google Maps to plot your destinations along the way.  Bring fun trivia and car games to transform what could be a boring car trip into an exciting adventure.

Find the Free in Freedom

Do your research ahead of time to find out about special offers.  Since it is summer and the economy is slow, many businesses and towns are offering special ‘free’ events and incredible deals.  If you find a free concert a few states away, make it the excuse for your car adventure.  While on your trip, pass up the overpriced souvenirs by guaranteeing your child lifelong memories through your digital camera.  When your trip is over, compile your pictures into a colorful scrap book, a memento of how much fun a budget can be.

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