Reviews of American Consumer Credit Counseling

We’re proud to say that we’ve provided debt management help to countless individuals and their families. The debt management advice we provide puts people on the right financial track. It helps them to gain financial literacy and develop their own debt management methods for sustained stability. Our debt management group is highly lauded by the people we’ve helped with debt management. Below is a small sample of the thousands of reviews and testimonials we have received from our clients over the past 20+ years.

Debt Consolidation Reviews

It’s such a relief to have consolidated payments with lower interest rates and not worry about things like I was. Also, doing this through one phone call was an incredible relief. I appreciate the monthly updates and advice on how to improve.

– Katherine M from NC


This is the best debt consolidation and debt management program I can recommend to anyone. It is very professional and has saved my finances. ACCC is the best ever. Thank you!

– Anonymous


When we were late on our credit card payments, the credit card companies raised our minimum monthly payment and our interest rate. ACCC has helped us by consolidating all our credit card debt AND reduced our interest rates dramatically. Thank you! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to watch our credit card debt disappear. We have two more years and we will be debt free with our credit cards and that right there is a great feeling. We’ve learned to live without credit cards for the past three years.

– Lori S from MA


ACCC was a life saver for me and my husband! We were able to consolidate our debt into one monthly payment. I love seeing our statements each month, seeing the balances go down. With only 10 months or so left in the program, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We have been more cautious with debt since. I have and I will continue to recommend ACCC even when I’m finished with the program.

– Joanna P from ME


At first, things were still tight, but I am pleased to say that with your consolidation help and with my landing a second job, we are well on the way to financial freedom. The payment plan works well and the creditor phone calls have stopped. We have been telling friends of your company, so hopefully, this will send more clients your way. Thank you all very much.

– Eric S from OH


The testimonials provided herein are unsolicited comments from clients, based upon their individual needs, concerns, and circumstances. These comments are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a guarantee of similar results or experiences, as each individual’s circumstances will vary. Client comments are included for informational purposes only.