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Debt and Bill Consolidation

Considering debt and bill consolidation?

When you're looking for debt and bill consolidation services, you'll find a lot of options available to you. From debt restructuring services to balance transfer options on your credit cards, there are a lot of people out there looking to make a profit off of people who are drowning in debt. Lots of debt and bill consolidation solutions require you to pay high interest rates and big fees, or take on new debt to pay off old loans. That's why it's important to look closely at any debt and bill consolidation service and make sure that the debt solution you choose doesn't end up sending you further into debt or damaging your credit score.

Debt and bill consolidation from ACCC.

A better option for debt and bill consolidation is debt relief assistance from American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC). As a nonprofit agency, we're dedicated to helping consumers pay off debt through debt and bill consolidation in as little as five years or less. Over the past two decades, we've helped tens of thousands of individuals and families find their way out of debt with proven and practical debt relief programs. We provide credit counseling free of charge, and our fees for debt and bill consolidation services are among the lowest in the industry. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free, no-obligation credit counseling session – the first step to paying off debt and living life debt-free.

How our debt and bill consolidation plan works.

When you come to ACCC for help getting out of debt, our professionally trained and independently certified credit counselors will evaluate your situation to gain a complete picture of your finances. They'll lay out all the options available to you for debt and bill consolidation, and help you develop a budget you can live with while you pay down your debt.

If your financial situation warrants it, they may recommend our debt management program, a unique form of debt and bill consolidation. Rather than requiring you to take out a new loan to consolidate your debt, you'll simply make one payment each month to ACCC and we'll in turn pay each of your creditors. With just one bill to pay each month, you'll find managing your finances a whole lot easier. And because we're in direct communication with your creditors, it's easier for us to seek reductions in late fees, interest rates and over-the-limit charges. The result is less consolidated debt, enabling you to pay off your debt more quickly.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a leading source for personalized debt management advice and programs to consolidate your debt. If you are interested in consolidating debts, contact one of ACCC's credit advisors to learn how to consolidate bills without having to take a consolidation loan as would be suggested by some other debt relief agencies. As a Better Business Bureau accredited credit counseling agency, you can count on ACCC for fair and honest help with credit issues. We are also approved by the Department of Justice to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling and post-bankruptcy credit counseling courses.

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