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First time house buyers

First time house buyers benefit from homebuyer education.

For first time house buyers, the real estate market can seem pretty overwhelming. When buying a house for the first time, choosing the best realtor and the right property is hard enough, but that's only the beginning. Next you have to negotiate a purchase price and decide how much down payment you can afford. You have to choose from dozens of lenders and scores of mortgage offers. And you have to negotiate the home inspection, decide on home insurance and finally get through all the documentation of the closing. It's no wonder that so many first time house buyers are shocked by how complex the process is.

That's where homebuyer education can help. By taking a home buyers course online or in person, first time house buyers can learn what to expect when buying a home. They learn how to avoid common mistakes and about strategies that will save them money. They get home buying tips on how small differences in mortgage products can save them thousands of dollars over time. And most of all, first time house buyers gain the skills and knowledge to move through the home buying process with confidence.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization that offers help for first time home buyers, providing resources, counseling services and education to enable buyers to achieve their housing goals.

A course for first time homebuyers from ACCC.

ACCC's first home buyers course is available both as an in-person workshop and an online course. The online version is optimized for mobile devices, making it especially convenient for people on the go. First time house buyers can complete the course on a smart phone or tablet, working through lessons at their own pace, wherever and whenever they choose.

ACCC's course enables first time house buyers to learn everything they need to know in one comprehensive class. From working with realtors and deciding how much house is affordable to negotiating with sellers and settling on the right mortgage product, first time house buyers get details on every step of the home buying process.

Advantages of ACCC's seminar for first time house buyers

When first time house buyers choose ACCC's education courses and housing counseling services, they learn how to:

  • Manage and improve credit scores to improve mortgage products available to them.
  • Determine how large of a mortgage payment they can make each month, and what that means for the purchase price they can afford.
  • Negotiate with mortgage lenders on the terms of a loan package.
  • Know what to look for in a realtor.
  • Apply for low-cost loan programs for first time house buyers that are backed by the federal government.

Learn more about ACCC's services for first time house buyers.

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