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Getting out of Credit Card Debt

Getting out of credit card debt with ACCC.

For many consumers, getting out of credit card debt can seem like an impossible task. When you're facing financial trouble, it can be difficult just to keep up with monthly bills, let alone find the money you need for getting rid of credit card debt. Fortunately, help is available from American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), a non-profit organization with affordable solutions for getting out of credit card debt. Over the past 22 years, we've shown tens of thousands of individuals and families how to make a workable budget, how to get control of their finances, and how to pay down credit card debt. With free credit counseling services, the lowest fees in the industry, and effective plans for reducing payoff time and interest rates, we make getting out of credit card debt something that most people can achieve within five years. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation on how to get out of credit card debt.

Make a plan for getting out of credit card debt.

When you work with our friendly and knowledgeable credit counselors, they'll help you make a plan for managing your finances more effectively and getting out of credit card debt. It starts with a financial evaluation – our counselors will take a look at your complete financial picture to see where you stand and they'll help you set a budget that you can live with while getting out of debt.

Depending on your financial situation, they may recommend a debt management plan. For many consumers, this is a really helpful strategy for how to pay off a credit card. In a debt management plan, we'll consolidate all your payments to creditors so you can make one payment each month to ACCC, and we'll disburse money to credit card companies and other creditors on your behalf. This is helpful for two reasons – it makes your financial life much simpler, enabling you to stay current with your payments more easily. It also gives us the opportunity approach your creditors seeking possible reductions in interest rates, finance charges, late fees, and over-limit fees. This is a powerful strategy for potentially saving thousands of dollars and getting out of credit card debt more quickly.

Why choose ACCC for help getting out of credit card debt?

There are lots of reasons to choose ACCC for help with credit card debt:

  • As a nonprofit, our rates are extremely affordable and among the lowest in the industry.
  • Our debt counselors are highly trained and independently certified – they're experts at getting out of credit card debt.
  • We offer great convenience, taking care of most of the details for you so you can focus on other things in your life.
  • Our website provides a wealth of educational materials on getting out of financial difficulty, managing money, and avoiding taking on too much credit card debt.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) offers nonprofit credit counseling and debt relief programs for consumers nationwide who find themselves drowning in debt and wondering "How do I get out of debt?" Our certified credit counselors have helped thousands of individuals and families learn how to reduce credit card debt and get out of debt through a variety of credit reduction strategies. Our credit card debt consolidation and debt management plans help achieve credit card relief by consolidating credit cards payments to pay credit card debt down more quickly. We also offer bankruptcy counseling, housing counseling and other financial education services.

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