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How to Pay off a Credit Card

How to pay off a credit card more quickly.

Want to know how to pay off a credit card quickly and easily? That's a question a lot of people are asking today – the recent financial crisis has left many families with more credit card debt than they can handle. While there's no magic bullet for how to pay off a credit card, there are some time-tested solutions that can help you pay off debts more quickly and conveniently. To learn how to reduce debt and how to pay off a credit card, thousands of families each year turn to American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC).

ACCC: let our counselors show you how to pay off a credit card.

At ACCC, we're a non-profit organization dedicated to showing individuals and families how to get rid of debt, how to pay off a credit card, and how to live life debt free. We offer free credit counseling and our fees for debt management services are the lowest in the industry. Our professionally trained counselors are experts at evaluating your financial situation and helping you understand all of your options for how to pay down credit card debt or pay off other unsecured loans. Over the past 22 years we've helped tens of thousands of people just like you find solutions for how to pay off credit card debt and improve their financial lives.

When you contact ACCC to learn how to pay off a credit card, we'll first help you evaluate your finances to get a complete picture of your income and expenses, debts and assets. Then we'll assist you in putting together a workable budget that you can live with while you pay off credit card debt. We may also recommend a debt management program, which many of our clients have used to pay off a credit card more quickly – usually within five years.

How to pay off a credit card with a debt management program.

Here's how ACCC's debt management plan works:

  • Consolidating payments. Rather than making payments to multiple credit card companies each month, you'll make just one payment to ACCC and we'll write all the checks to your creditors for you. This enables you to simplify your finances, keep up with payments more easily and reduce the stress of managing credit card debt.
  • Reducing fees and charges. When we begin making payments to your creditors, we'll also seek to get reductions in interest rates, finance charges and fees for late payment or being over your credit limit. Negotiating credit card debt in this way can help you save a lot of money and pay off a credit card more quickly.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) provides nonprofit credit counseling, debt management services, credit relief and debt relief help to consumers nationwide. Our free credit counseling services help individuals and families learn how to manage debt more effectively and how to get rid of debt more quickly. Our certified credit counselors show consumers the various ways to pay off debt, and we offer affordable debt management programs for getting rid of credit card debt by consolidating debt payments. Our debt negotiation services help with managing credit card debt and paying off debt more quickly by reducing interest rates and finance charges. And our financial education services help consumers manage money more effectively, find reputable debt consolidation companies and answer questions like "How do you consolidate debt?"

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