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Getting out of Debt

Need help getting out of debt?

If you're struggling with personal debt and looking for assistance getting out of debt, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help. Since 1991, we have been providing help with getting out of debt to tens of thousands of people just like you. Our debt management program can show you how to get out of debt more quickly, usually within five years, and how to stay debt free in the future. Using proven solutions, our debt counselors will work with you to put a plan in place to reduce credit card debt and work with your creditors for possible reductions in monthly payments, interest rates, late fees and other charges. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can start getting out of debt and discover how to eliminate debt from your life.

What are the steps involved in getting out of debt?

Getting out of debt is actually a fairly simple process. When you work with ACCC, our debt management counselors will first perform an evaluation of your finances including all of your debts as well as your income and expenses. Then we'll work with you to set a budget that you can live with, but that will help you in getting out of debt more quickly, usually within five years. Next we'll work to consolidate all your debts – you'll make one monthly payment to ACCC and we'll make payments to creditors on your behalf. We'll also work with your creditors to possibly reduce interest rates and the time it takes to pay off your debts, and to reduce or eliminate late fees and over-the-limit charges. Finally we'll provide you with financial tools and education that can help you manage your money more effectively and avoid getting into debt in the future.

Why choose ACCC?

When you choose ACCC to discover how to pay off debts, you will get:

  • Affordable solutions – as a non-profit organization, we're dedicated to providing help with debts for people just like you and we offer debt solutions that are among the most affordable in the industry.
  • Superior customer service – our counselors truly care about serving people like you who need help getting out of debt.
  • Free initial consultation that includes budget preparation and analysis of your finances.
  • Confidentiality – any information you share with us is held in the strictest of competence.
  • Convenience – we handle everything for you including making payments to and contacting your creditors.
  • Free educational materials on our website and through email newsletters, where you can learn more about getting out of debt and about things like budgeting, home buying, credit reports, credit card debt consolidation loans, and much more.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit debt counseling agency offering free debt counseling services and a low-cost debt management services. As one of the nation's leading credit counseling agencies, our certified and highly trained credit counselors help individuals to understand the advantages and disadvantages of government debt consolidation programs, of a private debt consolidation program and of debt consolidation with bad credit. In contrast to a debt consolidation counseling agency or credit card counseling service, we help consumers find credit debt relief by determining the most effective way to pay off debt without taking on new loans.

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