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Credit Card Consolidation Loans

Are credit card consolidation loans right for you?

Credit card consolidation loans can be an effective tool for lowering monthly payments, reducing interest rates, and getting out of debt. But consolidation loans aren’t always the best option, and it’s important to look at the details very carefully and consider your alternatives before taking on new debt.

Credit card consolidation loans allow you to pay off multiple credit card balances with money from a new loan. The interest rate on your debt consolidation credit card loan should be lower than the average of your original loans, helping you to save money on finance charges and lower your monthly payment. Credit card consolidation loans also offer the possibility of paying the money back over a longer period, helping to lower your monthly payment even further.

But credit card consolidation loans may also leave you more deeply in debt, especially if you haven’t found a way to address the financial issues that got you into debt originally.

Let ACCC help you evaluate credit card consolidation loans

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping you get out of debt and manage your money more effectively. We provide free credit counseling where you can get financial advice from certified and highly trained credit counselors and get answers to your questions concerning credit card consolidation loans.

In your session, our counselors will:

  • Review your current financial situation.
  • Put together a detailed picture of your income, expenses and assets.
  • Walk you through your options for credit card consolidation loans as well as alternative approaches to getting out of debt.
  • Help you create a budget that will help you better manage your money and apply more towards your debt.

An alternative to credit card consolidation loans

Your ACCC credit counselor may also recommend a debt management plan as an alternative to options to consolidate credit cards with a new loan.

A debt management plan consolidates your payments rather than consolidating loans — you’ll take on no new credit card consolidation loans in the process. In a debt management plan, you make just one payment each month to ACCC and we pay your creditors for you, working with them to secure reductions in finance charges, late fees, over-limit charges and monthly payments. With just one payment to make each month, you’ll feel less stress and will find it easier to stay on track with payments. Ultimately, a debt management plan is a highly effective tool that can help you get out of debt faster and learn to live debt-free.

Learn more about credit card consolidation loans, private loan consolidation and other options to consolidate loans.

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit organization that provides free credit counseling and advice on options for managing debt, including bankruptcy counseling, private loan consolidation, debt management programs and ways to deals with college debt. To help our clients manage their student loans, we offer education and counseling around the many options for lowering or eliminating student loan repayment, including student loan consolidation, deferment and forbearance, repayment plans that tie a student loans payment to income, and state and federal student loan forgiveness program options. Our counselors can provide student loan default help and direct clients to resources for federal student loan relief or to the most effective ways to consolidate student loan debt. We also a wealth of educational materials on our website, including a financial planning worksheet and a variety of financial calculators.

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