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Home buying process

Simplify the home buying process with ACCC.

For anyone new to the real estate market, the home buying process can seem like a confusing jumble of terms, tasks and paperwork. First-time buyers are often shocked by how many choices they have to make – from the selection of a realtor and a mortgage lender to the down payment and type of mortgage product. If they're not careful, first-time buyers can make significant mistakes in the home buying process that can cost them thousands of dollars or even prevent them from closing on the home of their dreams.

A first home buyers course can help by educating buyers about all aspects of the home buying process. From deciding how much house they can afford and managing their credit rating to negotiating with sellers and mortgage lenders, the right home buyer course can bring great clarity to the process of buying a home.

When you want assistance navigating the home buying process, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) offers education and counseling services that deliver much-needed help for first time buyers.

Premier education for the home buying process

ACCC is a nonprofit organization that helps consumers achieve financial health by reducing and managing debt, and provides homebuyer education and housing counseling to help consumers reach their housing goals.

Our in-person and online home buyers course provides a comprehensive look at the home buying process. The course covers every aspect of purchasing a home, from the first decision if homeownership is affordable to signing the last page of the mortgage package. The online course is available on smart phones and tablets, enabling buyers to learn about the home buying process on their lunch breaks, between appointments or anytime and anywhere they have a few moments to themselves.

ACCC's homebuying course also provides participants with a certification that can help them qualify for special loan programs designed for first time home buyers. These mortgages typically have low interest rates and more advantageous terms than standard mortgage programs.

How ACCC helps you navigate the home buying process with ease.

When you come to ACCC for help understanding and moving through the home buying process, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate and compare mortgage products and determine which type of loan is right for you.
  • How your credit ratings affect the mortgage packages you qualify for.
  • How to determine how much you can afford each month in mortgage payments, and how to set a budget to ensure you meet that obligation.
  • How to work with a realtor and how to select a lender.
  • How to prepare for closing to make sure that everything goes right on the day you take possession of your home.
  • How to get answers to your questions like "What is an adjustable rate mortgage?" or other housing related services such as "What is reverse mortgage?"

Learn more about how ACCC helps make the home buying process easier.

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